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Taco De Vegetales

About Us

Taqueria La Picardia Inc; is an authentic Mexican restaurant specializing in delicious, gourmet tacos, located in Port Chester, NY Westchester County.

Open since 2011, “Taqueria La Picardia Inc;” is most famous for their delicious fish tacos and succulent carnitas burritos. 

Along with a vast menu of tacos inspired by traditional Mexican food dishes, "Taqueria La Picardia Inc; serves up rice, beans

and fresh organic juice (Aguas Frescas).


Taqueria La Picardia Inc; is the taco eatery features traditional Mexican folkloric artwork in a family-friendly atmosphere.  

Taqueria La Picardia Inc; are prepared with quality meats, chicken, fish and fresh produce by an experienced team of skilled

culinary professionals who bring only the best Mexican cuisine to our customers. 


"Taqueria La Picardia Inc;" also hosts Karaoke parties on the weekends where you and your family can join together and/or
party privately. 


"Taqueria La Picardia Inc; " can seat up to 30 guests, which makes our eatery a perfect place to have a birthday party,

a corporate party a wedding reception, or just a get-together with your best friends. 


Try our delicious tacos; sing your heart out and shine like a star!

Buen Provecho, 


The staff 


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